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 AQW Design notes march 11 2010

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PostSubject: AQW Design notes march 11 2010   Fri Mar 12, 2010 1:29 am

March 11, 2010
Wiki Wiki Wiki!
It's a Wiki Birthday!
I can't believe that a whole year has flown by this quickly! The AQWWiki turns ONE today! Over a year ago, we decided to take on the Wiki format for the AQWorlds Encyclopedia. Many people put their hearts and souls into making the wiki as you see it today: Burn, mturf, Hina, Ash and many, many others have spent hours making the Wiki a great place to use for your questions.
I use the wiki on a daily basis to get information that I need on prior releases, items and shops. It wouldn't be the same without the dedicated team and all of the players who provide them with all the information that they need! Thanks again to all the Wiki-ers out there! We couldn't have done it without you!

Happy First Birthday!

The Shamrock Fair!
Good Luck Day is almost here! Good Luck Day is only one day a year but YOU'RE IN LUCK.... the Shamrock Fair will be in town for at LEAST a week so make sure that you meet all the new NPCs, Take a stroll through the hedge maze, play all the new mini-games, and bring home LOTS of awesome Seasonal Rare Prizes!

The Fairmasters!
Llussion has been tirelessly working on each of the new minigames (and a few that you already know with a tartan twist!
Miltonius has been breaking his drawing hand making new rares all week long (including pet versions of each of the Fairmasters pictured above) so you'll have LOTS of great stuff to bring home from your visit to the fair! Other than a tummy ache from all the green colored junk food!

Can You Beat Beleen's Score of 53?
But remember, you can only EARN these prizes by winning Golden Tickets from each of the fair games! If you're already an AQW Member, then you get a leg-up on the competition (as always). We have a SPECIAL MEMBER'S ONLY FAIR GAME that gives a lot more Golden Tickets than the other games... but you'll want to try the others anyway. They're so much fun!
Also, if you feel like you need a little extra luck, the Fair Fairies who greet you at the entrance to the fair are selling a Lucky Hat for Adventure Coins that DOUBLES the amount of tickets you win at each game!

What Do I Play First?!
All this, PLUS last year's event with all new tagged versions of the Season Rare drops from there, PLUS new items in the Vampire and Werewolf Rep shops!
Prepare yourselves! The AQW team intends to shamrock you like a hurricane, starting tomorrow!
If you're not there, I'm taking your pot of gold.
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AQW Design notes march 11 2010
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