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 Tech mage strategy

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PostSubject: Tech mage strategy   Sat Mar 06, 2010 7:27 pm

If you have any good builds for tech mages post here.
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PostSubject: The Battle Mage and Tech Mage   Sun Mar 07, 2010 1:28 am

Well as you all know of the battle mages
How they use Malf (Malfunction) on the player and lowers the tech so the energy moves they use will do more to then.

Battle mages have to have a good str with a ok tech and dex
for founders this is very easy having better dex and lower tech
(because the founder gear gives +7 to resisance) and so they need around 18-23+7 resisance (30)
and around about 26-30 dex... or use your shiends (Defence matrix/Technician) are also good to
Good healing is good to have to around 35 healing is good (just dont over do it)

Tech Mages

Tech Mages use alot of energy this is not a good thing.
Using all your energy up and not killing then will leave you dead meat if your not good at fighting hand to hand. Having high dex and tech is a must and with high hp also with that have around 6 or so for Reroute
so you can get back your mana To.

Thats all the info for now from me but your be hearing from me about what kinds of builds there are for Mages

(Keep up the hard work =P)

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Tech mage strategy
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